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Launching into October with a full plate ahead

The path of being a writer--and of writing--was more than likely set in me long before I acknowledged it. It was something I did in my free time during my junior high and high school years, but never a true focus.

That changed after high school as I began exploring what I'd really like to do with my life. It turned a passion into a full-fledged choice that would turn into much more than a hobby.

Being a director, on the other hand, is not something I had ever really considered until the past few years.

Back in college, I"d taken a directing class and even directed a couple of shows (William Saroyan's Hello Out There! and David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago) for the Theater Major Association's showcase.

Years would go by without really directing anything. I caught the bug while lending a hand with some directing on Alley Repertory Theater's production of The Rocky Horror Show. It soon spread to assistant directing other plays (Little Dog Laughed, The Totalitarians), directing scenes for film class, directing a short film, and more.

And now? Well, I'm taking the reins (with a great co-director) on Alley Rep's opening show for their 2017-18 series: Bull in a China Shop

Bull in a China Shop by Bryna Turner is inspired by the real letters between Mary Woolley and Jeannette Marks, two women in love with each other who also happen to be at the forefront of the women's suffrage movement in the 1st half of the 1900's.

The process has been a bit of a whirlwind, but worth it. The performers are the heart of this show and I'm simply a presence who can hopefully guide them from time to time. A goal of any project--on stage or on film--is to surround yourself with a great team.

I myself have learned a lot; not only about directing but about the history of the women's suffragist movement. And love. Love is a central theme in this play and one in which we witness, as stated by the playwright, "an excavation of queer history".

A pay-what-you-want preview is on October 12 and the show opens October 13 for a two-week run. Tickets can be found here or the Alley Rep website.

In addition to directing, I spent September co-writing (with Shelby Bay) a short film for the Boise Film Workout (in conjunction with JUMP). Brandon Freeman is directing the film which will be shooting in late October/early November.

Boise State football has been giving me plenty to write about, as have the Boston Red Sox and Boston College Eagles.

In between, I have also been putting the finishing touches on editing a couple of screenplays. That, and lightly editing The Blue Gem. (A project I will tackle with fully energy once the play opens.)

Sounds like a full plate, but I am thankful. Can't wait to see how the month plays out.

Be bold. Be kind.

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