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The Broad Brush: The Finished Product

Updated: Jun 5

A little over two months ago, I was on the film set as a first-time director. And the results will shock you!

Okay. Not true. The results will not shock you. I should have put that in the headline. Guaranteed click bait right there. And technically, it was my first time directing in the film world, aside from sketches and some scenes for the actor's workout. (Don't worry, once I figured out how to transfer film, the sketches and the glory that is 'Back Hair Saturday' will be posted to this site.)

Back to the topic at hand. The Broad Brush was written by Brett Pedersen as part of the Boise writer's group we are both participants in. This was a quarterly challenge, it which we are tasked to write a short film and have three months to direct, cast, produce, and edit the said film.

Brett not only wrote the film, but he also took on the task of acting, producing, doing pick-up shots, scoring and editing the film.

His partner in crime on screen was Trinity Maye. The two of them were wonderful and I wish I could have had more time to direct with them on the set. I learned--or had the fact reinforced--that shooting a film, whether three pages or 90 pages, takes time. That was one thing I rushed during this shoot and will definitely take my time on my next endeavor.

A big shout out also goes to Pete. Pete not only helped with sound on the set, but he was the main editor along with Brett. The two of them went into the editing process, learning along the way, and ended with what I believe is a good result. I look forward to what they'll do next, in any aspect of their creative lives.

Also, a big thank you to Brandon Freeman for not only leading our group, but pushing us to make films.

Now, onto the show.

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