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Below are descriptions of the works of  writer Jason Haskins. Some include links for purchase and other information about the work. For rights or more information regarding plays without already established links, please contact the author at


In book one in the "Magic of Crieo" series, thirty years have passed since the War of the Lands. Buoyed by the heroics of the Dragon Princess, Riyana, the lands have settled into a time of peace. A Council of Races – led by Druid Stelart and King Rion of Thurston – has helped return a sense of normalcy to the nations. Safe trade routes have been restored and Stelart, along with Belark and Nikkon, has begun the initial stages of training new Druids.

An unexpected attack on a Druid leads Stelart back to one piece of unfinished business surrounding the War of the Lands: the destroying of the Blue Gem, the magical gem imprisoning the Demons.

Along with a young Elvin Druid, Rion’s son, and a collection of others, Stelart leads an expedition to the City in the Clouds to retrieve the hidden Blue Gem before it falls into the wrong hands.

Racing against time and chased by Black Knights and other outlaws, Stelart’s group aims to retrieve the Blue Gem before a gathering, unknown power gets there first. If Stelart fails, the unknown force will unleash the Demons to wreak havoc on the lands, possibly ending the peace and smooth sailing once and for all.

Download your copy today at the Kindle Store for $1.99 or purchase the paperback for $10.99



The Black Magic Druids, led by Druid Kayman, have risen to power and annihilated all but a few of the White Magic Druids. Druid Kayman disbanded the Council of Races and has joined forces with Queen Leron and her minions: the Demons. In an effort to control the lands, these already mighty forces join with King Black Thunder, his army ofknights, and the creatures that hold the key to all the future power of the lands: the Dragons.


To stop the Black Magic Druids and their allies, the fate of the lands rests on an old prophecy derived from ancient times. The prophecy tells of a child that is born of Dragon's blood and there is one man that holds a strong belief in the prophecy: a White Magic Druid by the name of Lemen. Enlisting the help of Prince Rion, his sister Riyana, and young Druid called Stelart, Lemen moves to meet Lemen head on​


Untested in battle and in life, it will be up to this trio of young adults to end the evil that looms and to once again bring peace and safety to all the lands.


"A fresh look into a new world filled with evil and a twist at every turn."-Amazon review from user Pen Name


"The Dragon Princess is an enjoyable fantasy novel that transports the reader to another world."-Amazon review from Chris Williams


The Dragon Princess is currently available for download ($0.99) on the Amazon Kindle or the Amazon Kindle App that is available for most devices.


(A One-Act Play)

To navigate the tricky waters of dating, one must often take risks.  In ONE NIGHT STAND, Adam is enjoying an ordinary night at a bar when he sees Jackie.  Adam, on the presumption he is just getting her phone number, is looking for a second chance to make a first impression with Jackie. By simply sitting down at Jackie’s table, Adam takes the first step in what he hopes will be the beginning of a relationship.  Despite a delayed response by Jackie, the two begin to connect as if they’ve been doing this for years. Dating is not this easy, though, and by the end of the night, the two will discover they are in for much more than they bargained for.

(A full-length play)

"SOLACE- N: Comfort or consolation in time of distress or sadness.


Solace is the story of John and his efforts to follow through on the promise he made himself upon his mother’s death: To save his family from their downtrodden lives. To do this, the son returns home for the first time in years to celebrate Christmas with his family and new fiancée.  Convincing a brother who is not quite ready for the real world and a sister who has a bigger heart than she lets on takes more effort than imagined.  John must balance all of these things to acquire the one thing he truly wants: to set his family free of their dead beat father once and for all."


To date, Solace has receiveds at Alley Repertory Theater and with the bLip reading series at HomeGrown Theatre in Boise, Idaho.





(A Full-length play)

"Poison: A). A substance that through chemical action usually kills, injures, or impairs an organism. B). Something destructive or harmful.


Life at a bar can be fun, outrageous, and, at times, downright shameful.  At Hank’s Bar in the play Poison, the regulars have been caught in this cycle for fifteen years and have watched life pass them by.  When the economy threatens to shut down the bar, Hank incorporates a karaoke night in hopes of getting new business. Soon, the regulars begin to see changes in themselves they had always fought against.  With the looming threat of the bar closing hanging over their heads, will the regulars finally move forward and experience life?  Or will they simply continue their self destruction and fall the way of the bar?"


Poison was first produced at Boise State University in February of 2002. Directed by Lisa Hyslop, the original cast was as follows:


Tom: Ken Rothwell

Pops: Nick Stewart S.

Norm: Aaron M. Kiefer

Celia: Katie McNeese

Aaron: Zakk Luff


The play has taken many shapes and forms over the years. The play resembles many of the same ideas and characters since its first production and has since received a staged reading at Alley Repertory Theater in Boise, Idaho.



(A full-length play)

Three sisters.  Their dying father.  A caretaker.  A coin that might divide them all.

"The Latitude of Life" is the story of three sisters who have just received news that their father has less than a year to live. Forced to hire a caregiver to help with their father's medical issues, the sisters forge ahead with planning for their father's eventual death. As the sisters read through the will they discover their father owns a rare coin worth over 4 million dollars. Upon discovering that the last page of the will is missing, the sisters begin a journey that delves into their family's past and quite possibly, their future.

Dealing with legacy, the lost page of the will, and a missing coin, the sisters must forge into the future while holding onto the one thing they have left: family.

The Latitude of Life has received readings with Alley Repertory Theater and HomeGrown Theater in Boise, Idaho


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