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Short Fiction

The following are excerpts from short pieces written by Jason Haskins over the years. They range from flash fiction to monologues (indulging the inner playwright) to short fiction with even a poem thrown in for good measure. To finish reading, simply click on the title of the selected piece. Or don't. It's still America, after all. (More will be added as they become available.)

The smell of honey baked ham cooking in the oven filled the entire two-bedroom apartment with its enticing aroma. The ham was the prize of that Christmas, or so I thought, and I listened intently as the juices of the ham sizzled in the scoring heat of the oven. I had never cooked a ham before but I had decided it was the least I could do for my friends. Judging by the salivating looks on their faces, they were ready to judge my cooking skills. Christmas or not, they would let me know if the ham failed their taste test...

The snow was cold.  There was no ignoring that.  It was the irritating itchiness of his borrowed wool jacket that was driving him insane.  The man didn’t complain, though. For starters, there was no one nearby to complain to.  Secondly, with the sun hidden behind the clouds and a bitter wind blowing from the east, the man was lucky to even have a jacket at all.  For that much, the man was grateful...

The man with shaded glasses lights a cigarette that dangles from his chapped lips. The morning sun beats down upon his bald head as he reaches for his breakfast...

This is a monologue originally written for "Voices from the Boise Hole 2".  Due to the length of the show, this monologue was ultimately cut.  It's a little dated, as it was written in March of 2013, but here nonetheless.  (*Warning.  Bit of cursing ahead)

Apparently I had more poetry than I thought. Instead of writing the first few verses of what can be considered pretty short poems, I decided to simply link them all to one page. All four of them. I've written much more poetry in my life so four is only a brief glimpse.

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