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A flyover update on 'The Blue Gem'

Updated: Jun 12

There will be more on this soon, but late last week I finished the first draft of The Blue Gem. It took nearly three years, and needs to be typed, but a handwritten version does officially exist.

The Blue Gem takes place approximately 30 years after the events of The Dragon Princess. The story follows the travels of the Druid Stelart and a collection of characters from the first book, plus a handful of new characters. Stelart must team with these characters in an effort to track down and destroy the Blue Gem before a rising evil gets a hold of it in order to bring the Demons back to wreak havoc on the lands.

With any luck, a final draft will be done by early next year. And then? The moon. No, really, I'm just going to send it to the moon.

Or maybe I'll publish it. There's still time to decide. Check back here next week as I'll talk more about the book and what else has been going on when I post my monthly update.

Thanks for stopping by.

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