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AVAILABLE NOW! Book 2 in the Magic of Crieo series - THE DRAGON SLAYER

A row of trees, in black & white

The Dragon Slayer (Magic of Crieo: Book 2)


Rukh paused and watched the trees burn. Dawn had broken, rays of light slicing through gray mist and wafting smoke. She surveyed the damage, feasting her eyes on the harrowing sight of what normally would have been a peaceful morning if not for the devastation. Moisture leaked from her eyes, the faces of her lost friends flashing in her memory.

Sullen and defeated, the company that had set out on an expedition to destroy the Blue Gem was scattered. One master lost and the other possibly the same at the base of the dam, Rukh and the others were desperate to find safety. Needed, too, was answers regarding the two talismans.

This meant finding the Dragon Slayer, the shattered sword whose pieces were carried by Driston. He was also out of sorts in the Valley of Lost Souls, desperately seeking to be reunited with his brother Willis.

Across the lands, allies in Crieo, Thurston, and Silist were under attack, with the armies of Alar threatening to disrupt peace. The Druid and his cohorts were in dogged pursuit of the Blue Gem and even greater magic in Crieo, willing to stop at nothing to obtain goals of absolute power.

Fighting powerful allies, elements of a harsh winter, and the strangeness of unknown lands, the survivors must band together to finish what Stelart started. They must figure out the true magic of the Dragon Slayer and the Blue Gem or risk evil gaining a stranglehold over the world never seen before.

The Dragon Slayer is available to purchase in hardcover ($25.99), paperback ($16.99), or to download ($3.99).

Jason Haskins is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter, freelance writer, and occasional actor. Jason currently acts as the Resident Playwright for Alley Repertory Theater in Boise, ID. To read the latest news on writing, acting, directing, and what's going on around town, check the news/updates page.

headshot credit: Corina Monoran

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