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A novel complete and onto the next project(s)

Finishing up a four-year writing journey with The Dragon Slayer, I entered 2023 with a clean slate and the looming question: What to do next?

Okay. The slate wasn't entirely clean, as there are numerous ideas, drafts, and started stories I've been nibbling at over the years. Plus, true to form, the tweaking and editing of finished plays and screenplays I've completed at one point or another along the timeline of life.

The first order of business I settled on for '23 was getting done the first draft (and possibly a private reading) of a new play. Ideas have been gestating for a year or so now and I was able to cobble together the first 20 pages. The beginning was already swirling in my brain, so that might be the easiest part. Now, it's time to get over that next hurdle and keep the momentum going in February.

Secondary to this is finally finishing my novel Through the End of Time. The idea for this book has been swirling since college and one I've put work into off-and-on over the seasons. At one point, it was envisioned as a two-book affair but with the most recent draft 75 percent complete, I may try to fit it all into one.

I have picked up steam on this novel as I begin yet another draft (it helps to start from the beginning, with the arc settling in fresh). And a few years back, the first ten pages did earn some accolades in a competition, placing third, so hopefully one day soon the book will be out in the world.

Two projects are the focus for now, with dabbling likely in other stuff I'd like to put focus on (a t.v. pilot gaining some recognition, for one). Plus, my usual writing of blogs and sports writing keep my pen and keyboard busy.

January articles

The Boston Celtics have delivered a fairly solid season, sitting with the NBA's best record as of this post. Here are some thoughts I've written about them over on Chowder and Champions:

Also wrote a bit over on my ancient, by internet terms, blog. One was my continuing series chronicling the careers of the five quarterbacks taken in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. And the other my (failed) predictions of the AFC and NFC Championship games.

It's not an article but I did begin dramaturgy work for Alley Repertory Theater's upcoming show In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) by Sarah Ruhl, headed to the stage in March.

In-between all of this, I did keep entertained with television, books, and movies.

Television shows

Often times, in this day and age, I find myself getting behind in trying to keep up with all the new shows constantly coming out. Some, like the second season of White Lotus, I keep up with on a week-to-week basis. But others, well, I lag and am left playing catch-up.

Here's a mix of new and old I have been enjoying in the first month of the new year:

  • Bored to Death (HBO Max)

  • The West Wing (HBO Max)

  • Poker Face (Peacock)

  • Reservation Dogs (Hulu)

  • Wednesday (Netflix)

  • The Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)


Thanks to the aid of Goodreads, I've set a goal the last few years to read a certain number of books. That number this year? 40.

Off to a decent start, finishing up a couple of fantastic reads in Juneteenth by Ralph Ellison and East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Also, almost done with Faithful by Stewart O'Nan and Stephen King. This book chronicles the 2004 Boston Red Sox season, and is a fun read which has taken me back to the near-heartbreak and jubilation of that championship season.


Truthfully, I did not get off to a rousing start in watching movies or getting to the movie theater. And I've really done myself in now, as college basketball is heating up and getting closer to the most wonderful time of year. So, focus will be directed there and I might be behind the curve for a few months in my movie-watching escapades.

Much like the television category, movies watched were a mix of old and new, though this list consists mostly of the latter. (You can also join me over on Letterboxd, to stay up-to-date. And we can share lists and such.)

  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

  • The Banshees of Inisherin

  • I, Tonya

  • The Menu

  • Sick

  • A Christmas Story Christmas

Thanks for stopping by and all the support. I appreciate you.

Be bold. Be kind.

*The Dragon Slayer and other titles available on Amazon. Purchases are appreciated and so are ratings and reviews, either there or on Goodreads. Thanks ~ J.


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