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Hanging around in re-write territory

Rainy days have always soothed me in many ways, especially in the cooler autumn months. On this Saturday in June, there is a certain semblance of autumn in the air with the continuous rain and cooler weather.

A cup is filled, an aroma of coffee wafting under the nose. Paper and pen are ready, rain pounding the street in the background. It's a perfect day to get some new words on the page.

This is something that really hasn't been happening in true fashion over the last month. Creativity has failed, in some regards, so instead I've focused on the polishing and rewriting of plays and screenplays.

This began with my latest full-length play, Half Past Midnight, which was on the top of the pile of projects needing work. One of my more personal endeavors, a rewrite was completed back in April and thus began anew the process of sending this recent draft out into the world.

In the realm of plays, I am also in the process of a polish on The Latitude of Life. Recent life events gave me more insight into this story so -- while my focus is mostly on cleaning up dialogue and action -- I've also given thought to character arcs. Nearly complete with this task and will be ready to send this play out again.

Growing older leads to new experiences and insight. That is why I've also focused on a rewrite of The True Life, an original screenplay I've worked on for over 20 years now. Seems like a lot to pour into one script and eventually I might let it go, but after what is probably 15-20 iterations, I'm not quite done with it yet. The script has taken many forms and, after feedback from readings and readers from film festival submissions, this new direction is the clearest yet. It's been slow-going on this recent journey, but that's because I'm taking great care to honor the journey.

Apart from the above-mentioned, writing has been a struggle. The sports world has been on hiatus for nearly three months now so that avenue (for me) has stalled as of late. The return of the NBA is on the horizon and, if the owners can get their act together, hopefully the return of Major League Baseball. And my blog has been partially silent as well, with only sporadic posts to speak of. (That was happening long before COVID-19 took over the world, however).

This rainy day has provided some motivation, beginning with this update. Ideas for The Dragon Slayer have been swirling as of late so, with any luck, new pages will be written today. My hope had been to have this book, the second book in The Magic of Crieo series, finished by the end of 2020. It's still entirely possibly, with six months left in the year, but I'd like to deliver the best possible conclusion so it might be early 2021 before the book is released.

Thanks for stopping by for this quick update.

Be bold. Be kind.

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