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A re-emergence in the June heat

Tumbleweeds have swiftly rolled through the website the last couple of months. By that regard, it was in April that the last update was provided.

Slowly but surely a return of live events and outings are happening as more states re-open and lift restrictions as more people get vaccinated against COVID-19. In turn, that also means a renewed focus -- as I've done in the past -- on upcoming events around the Treasure Valley.

First, however, a brief look into writing updates from the last couple of months.

Writing updates

In the last couple of years, a personal downward trend in submitting works has occurred. Various factors have played into this -- a pandemic among them -- and getting back into that "submission habit" has been a focus. Or, beginning to trend upward as I attempt to hit numbers I did back in early 2019 and 2018.

Work has continued on the conclusion of my The Magic of Crieo fantasy series. The Dragon Slayer is taking shape, with a goal to write at least a couple of pages daily. This goal doesn't always come to fruition but ultimately, the novel is on the mind every day.

Recent months have also seen the return of ideas for new stories, scripts, and more seep into my brain. Instances of this happened rarely the last couple of years and there were moments I believed the well was dry and inspiration had left me. To my relief, the well is trickling again with possibilities.

When not working on the fantasy novel, work has been done editing (my own) scripts, plays, and others stories. Minimal work on these, since focus has been placed on continuing the story of the characters from The Blue Gem.

Occasional blog posts still pop up on The Journey of Now blog. And writing, despite a little lull the last two weeks while traveling, is still done over on Chowder and Champions.

Work for Alley Repertory Theater has again entered into the weekly agenda as we gear up to return to the stage in October after being idle (by that point) for 19 months.

Speaking of which...

Around the Treasure Valley

It's exciting to be able to do this again. It really is.

- The Idaho Shakespeare Festival is returning this summer with three plays. The first is Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer, which opens July 8. (Tickets go on sale for the summer beginning June 21).

- This fall also marks the return of Boise Contemporary Theater. More info on their shows will likely be discussed here in the future, but for now, be sure to check out their Summer Reading series, returning June 28.

- Art returned to Visual Arts Collective on June 4, with the opening of Bruce Maurey's exhibit "Re: Incarnate". Concerts have also made their return to the venue, with more upcoming events planned.

- Rediscovered Books is hosting a virtual event on June 22nd. "An Evening with Stacey Abrams" is celebrating the paperback release Our Time is Now.

- Fun at the ballpark has also returned with the Boise Hawks and their premiere season in the Pioneer League. They had some struggles early but have won three of their last four games.

This, of course, is just a taste of what's happening in the Treasure Valley.

Thanks for stopping by. Be bold. Be kind.


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