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A quick drop-in for February

Updated: Jul 9

An empty highway, with rolling hills and a mountain range covered in snow and a blue sky above

In entering 2022 with a smile and hope, a simple goal was held to do things that make me happy. That meant writing more; writing with intent and purpose. And to also make a concerted effort to see more things, watch more film, and get out into the world more.

Two of those things started off strong in January and into February. The third, well, I'm still working on that (as much as the world allows me to).

Writing has been steady as I type away in getting the next fantasy novel self-published. The Dragon Slayer continues the events from The Blue Gem. The words are moving along, even if not quite as fast as I'd like. But I assure you, for those waiting, that progress is being made.

Play submissions have also been made, though one script had the adventure of falling out of its envelope somewhere in transit. An empty envelope arrived at the desired destination while the script ended up back in the Boise distribution center. Thankfully, because of the title page and accompanying contact info, a very nice employee from the USPS contacted me and the script was mailed back within a day.

When not writing, it's been a busy month of catching up on television shows, watching movies, and reading.


A wide-variety of shows have kept my attention as of late. Over on HBO, shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Search Party, and The Righteous Gemstones are providing plenty of laughs, intrigue, and fantastic writing/acting.

In addition, there's Euphoria. I enjoyed the first season immensely but season two has been a bit lackluster. Certain characters have taken a backseat and some momentum lost, though the most recent episode "You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can" found its footing. Eric Dane was devastating in this episode and Sydney Sweeney has been brilliant all season (much like she was in White Lotus).

Though it's not new, I finally caught up on Deadwood. I can't believe I'd waited this long to watch the show and finished it up with the movie earlier this week.

Also been watching Ozark (Netflix) and, in a show that brings the laughs every episode, MacGruber (Peacock).

On the film side, I've actually made it the theater a couple of times. Licorice Pizza was a delight. It was a film that brought a mix of Paul Thomas Anderson's catalogue, giving viewers a taste of each film while bringing us back to the San Fernando Valley.

Due to my love of the Scream franchise, I went to see the newest film on opening weekend. And had an auditorium all to myself. Which, for a Scream film, seemed a little dicey to me. I spent the film with one eye glancing towards the entrance, making sure no one was sneaking up behind me.

The film was good, by the way. Pleasant surprises, nice throwbacks, and a return to certain locales within Woodsboro. Probably ranks as my second or third favorite Scream film.

Also enjoyed from home: Pig, Promising Young Woman, the first two Tom Holland Spider-Man films, and The Defiant Ones.


Finished a handful of books this last month. Favorites include: Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the 80s Changed Hollywood Forever by Nick de Semlyen and I Came As a Shadow by John Thompson.

Thompson was the legendary head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas men's basketball team. He led the team from obscurity in the 70s to winning a national championship in 1984, becoming the first Black head coach to do so.

Thompson and his Georgetown teams were always a favorite team of mine in my youth, thanks partially to their 1985 title game against Villanova. This game was one of my earliest memories of college basketball, thanks in part to my dad recording the game on VHS and me watching it numerous times over the years. Reading about Thompson's life, on and off the court, was enlightening and interesting.

As said, a quick update to this month. Hopefully back with more later this month or in March. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.

Be bold. Be kind.

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