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Heading into 2022 with a smile, and hope

Updated: Jul 8

A snowy city street intersection at night. Roads are covered, with three streetlights glowing above a traffic light

A cold, snowy landscape ushered in 2022, at least in part of the western United States.

Like many of us around the world, the last two years have blended together and felt like one cluster of days mashed together in which we all sleepwalk.

And yet, we march on. We persevere. We fight. We continue to do what we do because that's what life requires. Love, joy, and forgiveness are part of the beauty, while the harshness and unforgiving nature of things can lead to finding an escape.

For me, the gateway to the beyond takes place in writing. And taking part in theater and film activities. All of which have had their ups-and-downs since the close of 2019 and my world slowed to a crawl.

Adjustments, of the major and minor variety, occupy our lives. This in and of itself is nothing new for individuals and communities throughout history. We, however, are caught in a moment that could fundamentally shift how we as a society move forward.

Heading into 2022, personal goals (which I've realized I've written down monthly, yearly, and of the five-year variety in no less than three separate notebooks) highlight my wish list. But, a wish for a kinder, gentler society that has more people think of others is a greater wish for the world. To help care for others and to think of their well-being in addition to thinking of themselves. A balance is needed in building for a more equal, well-established community.

Could be 2022 is a turning point on both the micro and macro levels. There is a pivot trending in the right direction for both of these things but more can be done (both individually and as a community) to achieve this. Hoping for the best, and to all, a happy and healthy 2022.

Be bold. Be kind.

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