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  • Jason Haskins

An August update: the latest on writing and more

The summer is winding down and writing seems to be amping up as temperatures hover around triple digits.

A year ago I was beating the heat and the dog days of traveling to Las Vegas and enjoying temperatures even hotter.

August is only a few days young and despite the heat am already feeling accomplished. The completion of the first draft of The Blue Gem happened and the process of typing it all up/editing has begun.

The 1st draft took nearly three years to complete. The first pages were written shortly after the release of The Dragon Princess. It took me about a year longer than planned, though still quicker than George R.R. Martin can kick out a book in his Game of Thrones series.

The goal now is to have another draft completed by the end of the year with an eye--at the very least--of having it published online in early 2018. I've been pounding the pavement seeking out a literary agent in hopes of taking the next step and actually getting these books in hard copy form. The option to self-publish in this form is also available; it's simply much cheaper to take the route of self-publishing online.

There has been so much focus on finishing up the first draft of The Blue Gem that any play writing has fallen by the wayside. I hope to find my voice again in that art form as August progresses.

I do continue to search for homes for my other full-length plays and do currently have a few nibbles regarding those. More on that as updates roll in.

The 2017-18 series over at Alley Repertory Theater will be starting soon. Though a season hasn't been finalized (still waiting on word for rights to a final play), I'm looking forward to another season as the dramaturg and resident playwright. We are currently working on bringing back the 'Plays from the Alley' series under a different format. Stay tuned for info on that as well.

Outside of editing a full-length screenplay of my own and starting the early process of writing a short film with a couple of friends, news of my writing exploits has been on the light side. Keep up-to-date with my sports writing over at Chowder and Champions and Bronco Nation News.

Until we meet again.

Be bold. Be kind.

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