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  • Jason Haskins

Writing the words, wording the writing

Updated: Jun 10

Background: Tall, leafy trees along a blurry bride. Foreground: A portion of a beaver dam, with lake behind it.

Barriers. Bridges. Blurriness.

All are part of the above photo and all are not only a part of writing, but a part of life as well.

The month of May has flown by, making it seem like only yesterday I was writing of getting back to fundamentals.

Time flies when you're staring at a notepad or a computer screen.

Okay. It's not as a desperate or lonely as writing that seems. There is a certain amount of isolation involved as a writer, needing the time and space to be alone to formulate thoughts into somewhat of a coherent structure.

There is a lot to be said about living life, being a little social, and also working as a collaborative unit with others. Even as a writer, these things are needed.

After the last couple of years participating in the I48 festival here in Boise, I decided to sit this year out. I find I miss the process and the weekend of filmmaking more than I imagined I would.

Alas, in a month packed with my own writing projects I'd like (need) to get finished, I decided to sit out this year's festival. I am looking forward to seeing what the Boise film community has come up with this year.

On with the show.

After months of promises, the final chapters of the first draft of The Blue Gem are about to be completed. In the coming weeks, with a little dedication, I can move onto the editing process and the follow-up to The Dragon Princess will be at least one step closer for the world to see.

Two times a month, I continue to work as a writing mentor for the JUMP Film Group over at the JUMP building in Boise. This past month I helped oversee a group of writers take a short script from conception to page. Their script will be filmed this month and I can't wait to see their words in action.

Work on new plays and screenplays took a back seat in May, though I finished an edit on The Latitude of Life. I have also recently began to revise a previous feature length screenplay that I hope to submit to a few places over the next few months.

I did see a little theater this past month. I caught a production of Much Ado About Nothing produced by the Boise Bard Players. This play is my favorite comedy by Mr. Shakespeare and the group did it do justice, making for an enjoyable evening.

And I went to a play reading put on by Homegrown Theatre. The play was written by Mr. Evan Sesek and was part of HomeGrown's monthly play reading series.

Speaking of which, I will be taking part in their third annual "Dog Days of Summer" ten-minute play reading festival on the last Tuesday of June. The next few weeks will be focused on writing a ten-minute play focused around the summer and a prompt given to me.

Finally, much of May for Alley Repertory Theater was focused on growing the theater and focusing on how to sustain what has been built over the past nine years. The upcoming season will be Alley Rep's tenth, with exciting things on the horizon.

'Til next month.

"We know what we are, but not what we may be." -Shakespeare

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