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The End of the Year Push

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

photo credit Brandon Freeman

The end of the year often finds finds a person scrambling on an endless pursuit for more time in the day.

I am no different.

There are Decembers in which I set aside most writing, either because of lack of time, lack of motivation, a seasonal gloom that sometimes washes over me or all of the above.

There are times when too much clutter fills the mind. This year, I have made the effort to carve out time for writing and also, for myself. And because of it, a happier December has forged inside of me.

Am I content? No. Dreams, a desire to be better, a desire to improve myself and the world around me, and the search for someone by my side to share this all with continue to drive me.

But I have learned this past year I don't need one person to share this with. I have an entire group of friends and family in which I share these dreams.

Writing has taken all sorts of twists and turns for me this year. Writing about sports and attending a writer's group dealing with screenwriting were a focus for much of the year. Playwriting and novel writing took a back seat.

Over the last month or so, I have discovered a newfound balance and focus.

Per my usual holiday writing, I have taken to editing my screenplay Kings without Castles. I finally finished a draft last year, but due to the holiday nature of the script, tend to only write it around the holidays. I have been hammering out five (or more pages) per day of edits, with a goal to have a new draft done in early 2017 (if not sooner).

In between writing about sports and being part of helpful writers group at JUMP in Boise, other writing has taken place. The Blue Gem is gaining momentum, plays are being edited, and worlds are being created.

And I was lucky enough to be part of Disenchanted! at Alley Repertory theater. Watching these lovely humans on stage (mostly) every night over the past month has been a joy. They have owned the stage and I am glad so many people have had a chance to experience this production with them.

All of which has driven to write more, taking stock in the world around me. Here's to keeping the momentum going in 2017.

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