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Of Snow Forts and Santa: Getting into the spirit

Updated: Jul 7

A book - Of Snow Forts and Santa  by Jason Haskins - poking out of a stocking. The stocking is dark blue, with white trim. A Santa stocking holder sits between two flower pots (mustard yellow on the left, maroon on the right)

"Saturday morning. The big day before the eve of the biggest day of the year. Today was when mom and dad were going to take us to the town's convention center to finally see Santa."

A taste from Of Snow Forts and Santa. More like a nibble from this novella released in November of 2019. And since we've crept into November and the holiday season, now is a good time to get on it and purchase a copy. The Of Snow Forts and Santa novella is available in paperback or to download. (Head over to Amazon to learn more.)

Or, perhaps if you've already read this for yourself, purchase for that niece, nephew, child, or grandkid in your life. Pass along the joy and get a head start on this giving season. (A perfect read for those 10 and older.)

I thank you, deeply, with all my heart for the support of this story.

Writing updates

Work on various projects has been steady. October saw some ups-and-downs in regards to my goal of always trying to write something daily. That can sometimes mean 100 words or 1000 words. Last month, however, there were a few days I simply needed to take a step back and give my brain a rest. Something that can be hard but I've been learning to treat myself better in that regard.

That said, I'm going full steam ahead in November. I signed up for NaNoWriMo, which I hadn't done since 2014.

This will be my third go-around with this event, which entreaties writers to add 50,000 words to a novel in one month. The first time I did this, I fell way short while the second time I reached the goal.

Here in 2021, my goals are a bit different. The 50,000 mark is standard for this event. Initially, I was going to expand on a short story I'd been working on but at the last minute changed things up and started a story from scratch. Through six days, I'm currently at 4283 words.

By the end of the day, I need to be at roughly 10,000 words to be on track. Definitely won't reach that point but I've been more focused on a cumulative total between all my projects. Still a little short at 7771 words so far but I'm fairly proud of my progress. (With any luck, I'll be close to 8500 by day's end).

November: Around the Treasure Valley

- On November 26, Alley Repertory Theater returns to the stage with their production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert: the musical. The production runs through December 19 at Visual Arts Collective.

- The Wintry Market has moved to the Boise Centre for 2021. This holiday bazaar featuring local arts, crafts, and more runs November 12-14.

- Small business Saturday is November 27. While visiting your favorite small business should be a year-round thing, make extra certain to visit them on this day.

- Beginning on November 25 (thru December 31), Winter Garden Aglow starts at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

As always, these are just a few of the myriad of events happening around the Treasure Valley in the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be bold. Be kind.

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