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May roundup: Glorifying a prince of thieves

No dancing around this one. Placing all the cards on the table to kick off May's monthly update in style.

I loved the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when I was a kid.

To this wild-eyed youth who loved fantasy novels, castles, sword fights, and most things medieval, this film had it all. Action. Love. Banter. A hit single from a powerful soundtrack. To the younger me, I was in awe. I'd even spend time in the fields around my house, taking off into a fictional world where I was living among the trees of Sherwood Forest.

I was so obsessed with this film that, when making a mixed tape for a girl I liked, I included the song "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams. Complete with me singing right along with it.

Multiple viewings in my youth let the film live on in my mind but I hadn't sat down to watch Robin Hood and his band of merry men take on the Sheriff of Nottingham in ages. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across it (of all places) the TCM hub on HBO Max (or simply Max, as the new name change goes).

Disappointment is not the right... feeling towards re-watching the film for the first time in years. I think that can partially be traced back to revering a film at such a young age and watching it through a different lens much later in life. For much of the two hours, it was often nostalgia that last binding tie to my love of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

The acting drives this film. Alan Rickman is fantastic and Morgan Freeman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio are pretty great, too. Christian Slater even has some nice movements. Kevin Costner was at the top of his game in 1991 but lacks a little something in this film. He's fine but in some ways was the weak link of this bunch.

I won't go too deep into issues with the film but it was worth the re-watch. To bring me back to simpler times and, quite simply, to be entertained.

Writing Updates

Not a lot new on this front. The cycle of writing and submitting continues, with projects going out to theater companies, agents, and competitions.

Work continues on a novel and a new play. The play has been slower going than anticipated but the ideas are definitely brewing.

Here's a sampling of some of the articles I wrote about the Boston Red Sox (who won on Monday and passed the Yankees in the standings) and the Boston Celtics (who sadly lost to Philadelphia).

Over on The Journey of Now blog, I sort of stepped back for the month, writing on this post on Ben Folds.

Alley Repertory has gone into the offseason but we are laying the foundation for 2023-24. Right now, it's Idaho Gives time, the statewide week of giving in support of non-profit organizations across Idaho.

Television, movies

The Turner Classic Movie hub has been a favorite of mine as of late, with a collection of old and new(ish) films to choose from. It seems even outside this hub, my viewings veered towards older variety in April. Here's a sampling of those I enjoyed:

  • My Dinner with Andre (MAX)

  • East of Eden (MAX)

  • A Midnight Clear (Peacock)

  • Emily the Criminal (Netflix)

I didn't really dig into new television shows during the last month. However, the final seasons of Succession and Barry are the best things happening out there right now. And wow, both are delivering. Writing, Acting, Cinematography, and the works are all top-notch.


My "to-read" pile is stacking up again. I have this compulsion where I just keep buying books, no matter the backlog currently in my possession. I did manage to knock three off the list last month (and started a fourth). Per my routine, it was a range of genres that occupied my nightstand.

  • Murder and Mayhem in Boise by Jeff Wade & Mark Iverson

  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

  • Locklands (The Founders Trilogy #3) by Robert Jackson Bennett

  • The Piano Lesson by August Wilson (currently reading)

Interesting tidbits

Been meaning to do this for some time but I wanted to share more interesting stuff I happened across during the month. Still very much a work in progress, like me, I suppose, but here are items from around the web (that you may or may not have missed).

- A couple of my film favorites, Paul Schrader and Oscar Isaac, got together to talk film.

- Do you remember the music group Crazy Town? Would you be surprised they are still out there touring? Well, they are, and one disastrous gig led to a back stage fight. (Warning: The video does get bloody and violent. And one of them, Shifty Shellshock, was arrested for a DUI a few days after this.)

Thanks for stopping by. Be bold. Be kind.


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