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Spin around and take a look: it's suddenly August

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

It's hard to believe seven months in 2019 have already been stamped in the history books.

Time is funny that way, in that it's always flying by, even when you take a moment to savor it, to embrace it, and, importantly, live in the now.

As a kid, time plays funny games with a person. Your life is basically divided between school and not school, at least for portions of it. That wasn't just me, right? I had sports mixed in, from as early as first grade, and other activities as well, but time boiled down to being in school and not being in school.

In school? Time dragged on, taking forever and a day. Summers, however, flew by, as vacations, long bike rides, playing outside, and swimming were gone before I knew it.

Even throughout college, life sort of broke down to these two periods. Yes, there was a lot more to think about, a lot more to do, and deeper levels of experience, but time was still essentially divided to being in school and being out of school for the summer.

Getting older, even the days that used to drag on moved with much more speed. There are days that the early 2000's feel like only yesterday. Zooming at a speed that sometimes can feel harrowing, it's difficult to remember to slow down, relax a bit, and find a bit of solace. But it can be done and taking a break from whatever your endeavors might be, whether it's your day job or writing every day, is a plus.

If only to rest and recharge, to slow down time best you can by finding fulfillment in all that you do.


A story that spans a lifetime. Dating back to my (late) elementary school days, I remember late nights, under the heat of my desk lamp, working on these stories. The Dragon Princess was self-published five years ago this past July while Book 1 in the Magic of Crieo series, The Blue Gem, came out in March of 2018.

The Dragon Slayer, Book 2 in the Magic of Crieo series, might still be a year or more out, but there were plenty of pages written in the month of July. There was also a good amount of research, plus the creating of an in-depth look at the characters and history of these fantasy lands. Hopefully, this new exercise will lend itself to better world-building.

Visit this Amazon page to learn more about the books.


Working on The Dragon Slayer and re-writing of a play kept my focus in July. I did find time to kick out a few sports things and some posts over on my blog. Here are just a few:


The internet, as vile as it can sometimes be, does also provide a fair amount of interesting, fun, and informational items.

Over at The Ringer this past week, they've taken us on a trip down memory lane and the music industry in 1999. They've tackled some of the best songs, worst songs, best albums, and even gave us an in-depth look at the band LFO.

In Iowa, the state's Director of Human Services was forced to resign because... he was an outspoken fan of 2Pac.

And if soda history is your jam, an interesting read about the release -- and complete downfall -- of New Coke™.

If you happened to miss it or would just simply like to watch it again, the first trailer arrived for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood:


The final month of summer is full of exciting things to do around the Treasure Valley. Here's a look at a few:

- HomeGrown Theatre is back on the boards with Men on Boats by Jaclyn Backhaus. This play opens August 9 at the Gem Center for the Arts in Boise and runs through August 24.

- The Visual Arts Collective in Garden City opened a new art show by Travis Campion and Noi Thannao on August 2. The VAC also plays host to Eilen Jewell (8/25) and other musicians and groups throughout the month.

- The Pearl Tones will be playing the Mode Lounge at 7 pm on August 7.

- For lovers of the fair, the Western Idaho Fair returns August 16 and runs through the 25th.

Alley Repertory will also be announcing their first show of the upcoming season. Look for this announcement, as well as auditions, coming the week of August 5.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be bold. Be kind.

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