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The Dog Days of Summer Ten-Minute Play Festival

If I had any sort of photoshopping abilities, I'd remove the date from this photo. I don't even know how it--oh. Hi there. Didn't see you come in. Please, have a seat.

It's a week early for the monthly update. You can check back here next week for that. This post today is a quick blurb to let you know of a festival I've been asked back to for the third year.

The night of play readings takes place this upcoming Tuesday, June 27 at 7 pm at Rediscovered Books in Boise, Idaho. Playwrights were tasked at the beginning of June with a prompt (from an unknown source) to write a 10-minute.

The five playwrights I'm sharing the time with this year are all fantastic in their own ways. I can't promise you what this year's plays will hold, but in the past plays have ranged from outrageously funny to deeply sentimental and from kooky to fantasy based. There's usually something for everyone on this night of play readings.

The two previous plays I've written for this festival are: The E-6 Debacle, about a shortstop that is unable to overcome a bad case of the yips and Sunset, Sunrise, about a boyfriend hiding that fact he's attached to a recent political uprising.

This year's play returns to a classic guy/girl structure, with the start of a relationship getting off on the wrong step, all narrated by a radio personality.

And who doesn't want a radio personality narrating their life?

If you're free, come on down, say hi, and enjoy a nice summer night of local theater. You'll find me at the dating booth, accepting phone numbers and E Harmony profiles.

"Express yourself to the fullest without fear of judgement."

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