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Back to Action

photo credit Ron Youhouse

Tumbleweeds have accumulated on this site over the past two months. Today I set fire to those tumbleweeds.

Does that mean I will be posting more? It is possible, yes. I will start with a goal of at least once a month and increase the workload thereafter. (One day, I will consolidate my two sites. For more frequent updates, please check out my blog.

I recently wrapped a short film in which I made my return to the front of the camera. Shreds, written by Ron Youhouse, imagines a time-traveling discussion between Tesla and Edison. We have filmed over the last month in various locations around the city of Boise. My co-star and I, William Smith, enjoyed the privilege of playing chess, air hockey and tennis in these scenes. Plus, I got to dress up a little bit.

photo credit Michael Leman

Shreds was filmed by Michael Leman, under the direction of Corina Monoran.

Speaking of filming, exciting things are going on with the JUMP building here in Boise, ID. The month of August saw the launch of acting and writing sessions/classes as part of new programs that JUMP is offering for the community. These classes are the continuation of acting and writing groups I have been lucky enough to be part of for the past two years.

The acting program focuses on techniques for on-camera auditioning, scene work and processes involving auditioning and callbacks (among other things). These classes are on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month and moderated by local everyman (and Rockeoke emcee) Matthew Melton.

The writing group focuses on creating content, from idea to page to (hopefully) screen. These will be mostly of the short film variety and are led by local filmmaker Brandon Freeman. Opportunities to learn different aspects of screenwriting, including structure, character work, and re-writes, are included in these groups. Readings of short scripts created from the group also happen, with the opportunity for table reads of excerpts from feature-length films and other projects available as needed. The writing sessions take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.

Even with this stuff going on over the past few months, I have still found time to make progress with my other projects. Though nothing of much significance has moved the needle out there in the real world regarding my novel and plays, I continue to submit them to places around the country. I have also knocked down the price on The Dragon Princess, now available to download for only 99 cents.

As for stuff I'm currently working on, I am finally close to finishing another edit on my third full-length play, The Latitude of Life. And I am very early in a first draft for a new play. Edits of works continue as well.

And football season is starting soon so be sure to keep up with the Boise State Broncos over at Bronco Nation News, where I am coming up on my 2nd anniversary of writing for them.

That's all for now. Signing off until next time. XOXO Gossip Gir--I mean. Safe journeys out there.

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