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  • Jason Haskins

Excerpt from The Dragon Princess

Work continues on The Blue Gem, the follow-up novel to The Dragon Princess. As it is, I continue to promote The Dragon Princess, reaching out to literary agents and publishing houses across the United States. Tonight, I want to share an exercpt from The Dragon Princess.

Continue to check back here and over at my blog page for updates (and other musings on life, movies, pop culture, and sports).


Riyana tried in vain to figure out where to go. She didn’t even know her exact location. She guessed she was on the shores of Alkan. Riyana knew how to sail a small boat but directional skills left something to be desired. Rion had taught her basic directions in how to study the wind and the sun to find her bearings. That helped while at sea. Today had neither of those things. She searched deep into her memories of her schooling, but those thoughts were always interrupted by other memories. Ones with her father, or not her father now, she supposed. She looked back at what were now a lifetime full of lies. These lies were all exposed by the Druid Marsua. Riyana tried to shake away those thoughts as well. The memories were real. It’s just the people in her life were not who they said they were. If Marsua had spoken the truth, there was much more to her life than anyone had ever let on. Did Rion know the truth about her? This thought lingered the longest as Riyana shifted slightly, hoping to get a better look at the sea. Maybe Rion had followed after all and the Saraphina would show up shortly to provide the help and answers she sought.

Riyana fought back tears and wiped away the tiny rain droplets that splashed into her pupils. She was looking to the sea for hope. The rain was coming down steady now. Her view of the sea was limited. Her eyes left the now rising tide and began to scan the coastline. She looked to the left, where her small boat was beached, and saw nothing. Carefully, her view moved down the coastline as she took time to inspect every inch of the sandy beach. She saw logs, rocks, and sand. There was nothing of interest to her.

As her head continued on to the right, the little hope that Riyana carried slowly began to fade. She now knew she could either give up on the belief of help or carry on with the quest with nothing but her faith. Each second that she laid there, her faith continued to wane. Riyana only wanted to sleep; to be warm and secure in her own bed back in Thurston. She wanted to be far away from this unknown abyss and back in the secure walls of her castle.

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