Kicking off 2018 with ye olde goals list

January 2, 2018


The sun has set on 2017, going with it the goals set in place 365 days ago.


Time seemingly moves quicker the older we get. The physical manifestation of minutes, hours, days, etc. does not, but moments come and go and we're sometimes left wondering where the year went.


This was one of those years. There were a fair amount of personal accomplishments in 2017, a few disappointments and a couple of goals that came up a little short.


Overall, I had more focus in 2017. Focus I look to carryover into this new year. In addition to focus, I'd like to bring more balance back into my life. Mostly, that means being a bit more social and not simply holing up in my apartment. (A goal I worked on the last few months of 2017. I needed the head start.)


On this opening day of the 2018 season, I will take a look back at the goals I set last year, what was accomplished, and what I hope to do in the upcoming year. (*As noted last year, these are not all of my goals. Instead, the following are a sampling.)


1.) Finish the 1st draft of The Blue Gem- Completed

   2018 Goal: Publish/Self Publish The Blue Gem. Finish 1st draft of 1 of 3 other novels I've started over        the years.


2.) Write in 'yes' ten times- No (5 of 10)

    This goal pertains to submissions, query letters, directing, writing, acting and various other creative        endeavors. 


    2018 Goal: Write in 'yes' ten times.


3.) Finish editing full length play The Latitude of Life: Completed

    2018 Goal: Finish 1st draft of a full length play.


4.) Finish new play: No

    2018 Goal: See #3


5.) Write more posts for Bronco Nation News and Chowder and Champions: Incomplete

    I didn't do much research on this. I'd wager I wrote about the same number of articles about Boise         State athletics as I did in 2016. For Boston sports, I may have wrote a few more.


   2018 goal: Write more for both, including more on the Boise State women's basketball team.


6.) Direct a play and/or short film: Complete

    2018 Goal: Same.


7.) Original screenplay produced (or feature length optioned): Complete (co-writer for Taking Flight             filmed in October/November.)


    2018 Goal: Same, with the addition of being selected for a festival as an option.


8.) Blog post on The Journey of Now once per week: Almost complete (50 posts)

    Update website once a month: Complete


    2018 Goal: 65 posts for the blog. And for the website, the minimum of two posts per month whether      it's updates, what's going on around Boise, or -- if all works out -- I want to start a series of                interviews in 2018 of local artists, filmmakers, writers, directors, and more. Stay tuned.


9.) Attend three workshops/conferences/retreats: No (Attended two)

    2018 Goal: Same


10.) Act in two projects: No

     2018 Goal: Though I have strayed away from acting, it's still something I like to do.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope your 2018 is a successful, healthy, and happy one. May all of your goals, dreams, and what-have-you stay on the path towards accomplishment.


Be bold. Be kind. 


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