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Seasons change but focus stays strong

The days -- and sometimes weeks -- after closing a show can sometimes cause a bit of loneliness to creep in. And finishing up directing Bull in a China Shop was no different.

Spending roughly six weeks together with a cast and crew, three hours a night (or more), does much more than build, rehearse, discuss, and act out a show. Old friendships are reignited, new friendships are made, and there is a general camaraderie built over this time period.

This is certainly not true with every show, or film, but I find these productions are what you make them out to be. And I'd say during my time with Alley Repertory, all of the above is true. Sure, there are moments of anger, of disagreement, and sometimes of tears, but in the end it's usually worth it.

Bull in a China Shop was the first show I directed (or co-directed, to give very deserving credit to Liberty Leeds) and I am glad for the experience. To me, an important thing is to keep learning and growing as a writer, actor, and director. I was given the space to do that with the show, am thankful for the opportunity and am looking forward to doing more in the future.

A week passed of basically doing nothing and wondering how to fill my time. It's safe to say after that week went by I've found a renewed focus on getting back to writing.

A script for a short film I co-wrote along with Shelby Bay (and a director's draft by Brandon Freeman) called Taking Flight is being filmed this month. Freeman is directing in association with the film workout and JUMP Boise.

Wanting to concentrate on a variety of writing projects, I passed again this year on National Novel Writing Month. I'd participated in a few previous years and have been putting some focus into these previous endeavors. Both books are unfinished so over the past few weeks I've been working on these. Early drafts of Palm Trees and Paradise can be read online. As for Through the End of Time, I did not post any of chapters but will be working on have a sample posted on my website in due time.

The writing of plays has been slow going as of late. I did finally sign up for the National Play Exchange and have put up One Night Stand and Solace on this site. I did manage to write a few pages of a new play and the early outline/ideas of another.

I am in the process of editing The Blue Gem and still hope for an early 2018 online release.

For fans of Boston sports teams, I am still writing with Chowder and Champions. To Boise State football and basketball fans, the same can be said for Bronco Nation News.

And though I'm not working on any theater projects as of this writing, there is still plenty to see. Alley Rep will be showing The Golden Girls Christmas Extravaganza starting the day after Thanksgiving. BCT has a few more shows for Hand to God, the Boise Bard Players will be opening The Winter's Tale soon, and HomeGrown Theatre will be premiering the 6th Annual Horrific Puppet Affair: A Very Horrific Holiday Special in December.

Until next month, my friends. Thanks for stopping by. Be bold. Be kind. And get prepped for The Last Jedi.

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