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Of Snow Forts and Santa


"Finally, something went in my favor.  I carefully made my way over to the couch.  Holding the mug steady, I crawled up, kneeling on the maroon cushions.  Facing the window, I placed my mug on the sill.  I looked outside.  The day was done, the snow had stopped, and my fort was in shambles.  I picked up my mug and sipped on my hot chocolate, thinking of what might have been.  Unless it snowed more, Santa would not see a marvelous snow fort upon his arrival.  The thought of him making his way to our rooftop next weekend, however, made me smile.  Christmas could not get here soon enough."

Of Snow Forts and Santa is available now in paperback ($8.99) through Kindle Direct Publishing.

 You can also download Of Snow Forts and Santa today for only $2.99 on the Amazon Kindle or the Amazon Kindle App (available on most devices, including PC's).

"The audience will be elementary and middle school children. But this seventy-year-old grandma thoroughly enjoyed "Of Snow Forts and Santa." It took me back to my childhood in Iowa with our love of Santa and snow forts. And, of course, the cliques in school. But the fast-paced plot also has more serious issues that will pull at your heartstrings. I am so glad that I waited until Christmas to read this!" Amazon reviewer Edie  Dickenson

 Jason Haskins  is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter, freelance writer, and occasional actor. Jason currently acts as the Resident Playwright for Alley Repertory Theater in Boise, ID. To read the latest news on writing, acting, directing, and what's going on around town, check the news/updates page.

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